About Us

Why I started Refresh By G…

As an ICF accredited Life and Mindset coach my biggest passion is helping people become happier and more confident in their lives. I do this by helping people find their purpose so that they feel fulfilled and satisfied. This all started with my own self-development journey. I spent 7 years in the same job because I doubted myself and was too scared to leave. It was a long journey to break out of my comfort zone, but when I did the feeling was INCREDIBLE! That’s when it all clicked… I wanted to help people go on this same journey that I had been on and help them rediscover who they are and what they want to achieve.

For the past 4 years I have dedicated myself to living the life I always dreamed of and empowering others to do exactly the same. I’ve finally found what I’m meant to do: Help people who felt exactly how I did. Lost!

Life Coach Georgina McGarry infront of her Self Development Kits
Inside one of Life Coach Georgina McGarry Self Development Kits

How the Kits started…

The Self Development kits were originally a gift for my new clients. A big issue I found when I was being coached myself (or doing anything Self Development for that matter) was that I found it difficult to get into ‘the zone’. These kits were designed to try and address this for my clients. The environment that we’re surrounded by can have a huge impact and can literally be the difference between starting and finishing something… or starting and giving up. The kits are filled will little treats and goodies to help set that environment for you.

They were a hit! My clients loved them. But more importantly, I got to see first hand how much the kits impacted their abilty to achieve their goals. That’s why I decided to make them available to anyone. Since then, the Self Development kits have expanded into a variety of different options for men and women, ranging from ‘The Original’ Self Development kit; to kits targeted for more personal goals such as building confidence. And of course, there’s the ‘Me Time’ kit which is the perfect gift for someone who just deserves a well-earned refresh!

Which is my favourite kit?

My go to is ‘The Original’ Self Development kit. I love a new self-help book to get into and l journal every day so I’m always in need of a new journal! This kit just gives me a boost when I’m ready to focus on myself.

My promise…

I truly believe that we all have the power and capability to do anything we set our minds to. The problem is that our minds try and stop us. This is where the kits come in to help you stay focused and determined. Whatever self development journey you’re currently on, these kits are here to serve you and give you the best chance of success!

I will always be here to help you find your most authentic, passionate and fulfilled life.

You’ve got this!

Life Coach Georgina McGarry holding one of her Self Development Kits