Do you ever want to take action but are worried about what other people would think? Is this stopping you from achieving your goals? If you do, then this blog is for you! I’ve just started my own business and it seems that everyone has an opinion or wants to provide advice based on their own experiences. This is typical human behaviour. However, when other people’s opinions stop you from achieving your goals, it’s time to start changing your mindset!

The Fear of Being Judged

What does this actually mean? The fear of being judged means we are so scared of negative responses from others that it actually stops us from taking action. This overwhelming fear could stop us from going to the gym because we feel people would be looking unfavourably at us,  or posting an Instagram video because we’re worried someone is going to make a hostile comment. We may even put off starting a new hobby as people may not support our choice, or don’t understand why we would want to do this.

Fear Zone into the Growth Zone

When we have the fear of being judged by others and care what they think, we are in the fear zone. The fear zone is when we leave our comfort zone (see diagram below) and move into a new environment. This transition can lower our confidence and sense of self. This ‘new thing’ is challenging your sense of normality. Your mind will question this change and your belief system. It is so normal that when you’re in the fear zone you can be scared and care what others are thinking of you!

Comfort Zone to Growth Zone Chart used to explain how to stop caring what others think
Comfort Zone to Growth Zone Chart

We Can’t Control How Others Are

We can’t control how others are… However, we can focus on how we react!

At the end of the day, you can’t control what other people think. If someone is judging you then let them! You can only control how you react to this. If you focus on the end goal rather than what is happening right now, this is a balanced perspective. When taking action or achieving your goals becomes more important than the thoughts of others, you will begin to push yourself even with the fear still inside.

Everyone Will Always Have Their Opinion

Everyone will always have their opinion… You can’t change that!

I always think of it as; if someone has time in their day to criticise what somebody else is doing then that is the issue they need to work on. If they were able to focus on their own achievements and qualities, they wouldn’t be able to spend so much time criticising others.  Imagine all the successful people in the world, do you think they cared about  the negative comments they had about starting their business or the opinions people had on who they were? If they did, they wouldn’t have become so successful… Look who’s winning now!

People will always have an opinion on something and you can’t let that stop you from achieving your goals.

Most of the time people are thinking the exact same thing as we are, however, we are so involved in our own worlds we actually aren’t concentrating on someone else. So think about this next time you go to the gym or try a new hobby. Everyone else is in the same boat! They will be thinking about themselves, not about the people around them!

Surround Yourself With The Right People

There will be people in your life who will put you down, or they may be unsupportive of your dreams. This could be because deep down they may have the fear of doing something new and this is being projected onto you.

You want to be able to surround yourself with people who support and care about you.

No one will ever be able to make a decision for you, only YOU know what’s best for you! So if anyone has an opinion that’s because that’s what they would do, and guess what? You aren’t them!

This is Your Journey – Not Anyone Else’s

You need to work on YOU. If you are building yourself up, if you are working on your own confidence and mindset then you won’t be so worried about what others are saying. You need to believe in yourself because only you have the answers. You are more than capable of creating your own life and knowing what’s best for you. So who cares what others think? Because they aren’t you! They will never be you.

Georgie xx

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