We live in a world where technology is all around us, we need it to work, communicate to loved ones, buy products, entertain ourselves.…..the list could go on!! Technology is incredible and we are very lucky to have it, however now we live in a society (especially since the pandemic) where we are consumed by it. If you’re feeling this maybe you, it is possible to put some small rules in place to help reduce screen time.

If you look on your smart phone it will tell you how many hours of the day you spend accessing it. During this time, are we mostly being productive or engaging in mindless scrolling? I bet you more often than not it’s mindless scrolling…. I can be the same!

It’s scary to think how much time we spend getting sucked into social media or allowing ourselves to be available to friends, peers, work colleagues, 24 hours a day.

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This isn’t helping our mental health, physical health, or ability to concentrate.

I listened to a great podcast with Ella Mills and Tanya Goodin around technology detoxing, all about the small steps we can take to help reduce our technology intake each day.

They explained that people who spend excessive amounts of time on their phone are more likely to develop sleeping problems and anxiety. Why? Even though we are more accessible now than ever, we are feeling less connected. We now can see what’s happening without us being there, so we have that fear of missing out (FOMO). Being on our phones 24/7 is also affecting our attention span, as we are constantly distracted with what’s popping up next. This can cause us to be less productive than ever…

So, how to reduce screen time? Here are some small steps you can take that will help take that phone out of your hands:

  1. Don’t take it to the toilet with you! I know this sounds gross, but we have all done this at one time or another, haven’t we?
  2. Leave your phone to charge outside of your bedroom before you go to bed. If you use it as an alarm, you can buy bedside alarm clocks very cheap (I purchased this one from Amazon). You’ll be amazed how much time you actually spend on your phone in the bedroom!
  3. When you are in a conversation 1-to-1 with someone, let your phone ring out.
  4. Build several small pauses into your day where you actively put everything down and focus on just meditating for a few minutes.

I find it so important to put yourself first, the priority now is YOU. So, utilising these steps can help reduce time on your phone, helping you feel more present and connected with day to day living.

Be that person who is truly invested in a conversation instead of picking up their phone to message someone else. I have been trying this out lately and find myself less stressed. Do I REALLY have to reply straight away? I can actually focus on the things that really matter to me. Why don’t you try it out too?

Also if you would like to go deeper into this topic – check out Ella Mills podcast Delicious Ways to Feel Better !

Georgie xx

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