READY to take action and build your DREAM life?

Life Coach Georgina McGarry wearing a pink blazer



A free 30 minute masterclass on what is stopping you from finding the life of your dreams and how to light the spark that has always been inside you…

Are you sick of not knowing what it is that you want in life?

Do you stare at the clock every day ready for work to be over?

Do you want to step up and become the confident, no-doubt version of you?

Then it’s time to start!

Watch my masterclass Reigniting Your Spark to understand what it is that’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams and how you can start living a life that you feel excited for everyday!

I recently presented this training to a health & well-being forum and so many incredible women felt like their minds had been blown.

In this 30 minute masterclass I dive in and discuss:

  • Belief Symptoms
  • Illusory Truth Effect
  • Cognitive Ease
  • Comfort Zones
  • Self-Talk Loop
  • How all of this affects you from living your dream life
  • What steps you can take to let go of what’s stopping you and create the life of your dreams!